The Tri-County Regional Economic Development Corporation, based in Neshkoro, WI, is a non-profit organization seeking to revitalize the economy and business opportunities in Green Lake, Marquette and Waushara counties. The TREDC, the first three-county economic development corporation of its kind, allows Green Lake, Marquette and Waushara County businesses to share resources and information, ultimately becoming more competitive and further developed.

Our goals for this area are to:

  • Provide Education about services of the Tri-County Regional Economic Development Corporation (TREDC) as a resource for business development, stabilization and diversification and economic development issues/information.
  • Provide assistance to local business.
  • Develop and use funding sources to meet the future financial requirements of economic development projects for the region.
  • Create businesses and jobs to enhance tax revenues and provide additional employment opportunities providing sustainable livable wages.